DTH Drill Bits

DTH Drill Bit – A down-the-hole drill, usually called DTH is mainly a pneumatic powered rock or ground drill, in which the percussive hammer is located directly behind the drill bit, so the percussion mechanism follows the bit down into the drill hole. The drill pipes transmit the necessary feed force and rotation to the DTH hammer and bit, as well as compressed air for the DTH hammer. Air flushes cuttings up from the bottom of the hole. Drill pipes are added to the top of the drill string as the hole gets deeper. The piston directly strikes the impact surface of the bit, while the hammer casing gives guidance to the drill bit. The fast hammer impact breaks hard rock into small particles, which are blown up by the air exhaust from the DTH hammer.

Refinery Mining & Drilling Supplies DTH drill bits are fitted with our cemented carbide inserts, which provide you with superior life and drilling productivity.

DTH button bit designs are well known and extensively used around the world. Whatever conditions you’re dealing with, our drill bits make the job easier. They are fitted with Refinery Mining & Drilling Supplies proprietary cemented carbide buttons, which are designed to drill further. The drill bit bodies are made from precision hardened nickel molybdenum steel, with a compound curve shape for faster and smoother cutting and easier removal of cuttings.

The bits in the new range have an optimized head length with maximized steel support for the cemented carbide buttons, deep face grooves for excellent flushing and an aggressive cutting structure.


  • Proprietary Sandvik carbide ensures high quality and performance
  • Carbide grade options for long life in challenging applications.
  • Face designs to maximize penetration rate and tool life
  • Optimized flushing designs to aid in cuttings removal and reduce wear


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