Drilling Adaptors

Drilling Adaptors – Different types of drill bit adapters are available to enable the use of any specific type of drill bit to be used with any drill rod.

The adapter system allows the use of a drill bit not normally used with a drill rod to be used for a non-standard purpose.

We manufacture and stock most of the popular sizes DTH Adaptor

API sizes threads

2 3/8” Reg , 2 3/8” IF, 2 7/8” Reg. , 2 7/8”IF , 3 ½” Reg. , 3” IF, 3 ½” IF, 4” IF, 4 ½” Reg., 4 ½” IF, 6 5/8”Reg., 7 5/8” Reg.

All our Adaptors are manufactured local and High Grade Heat treated Alloy Steel.



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