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Refinery Mining & Drilling Supplies is a dynamic company that offers a range of quality drilling equipment

We are fully focused on providing servicing to the mining sector.
We are currently based in Johannesburg Gauteng and we provide our services all over the African continent.

Our products are imported and distributed globally.
We provide a wide variety of drilling equipment.

Refinery Mining & Drilling Supplies DTH drill bits are fitted with our proprietary cemented carbide
tips, which are designed to drill further.

faster and smoother cutting and easier removal of cuttings

DTH drill bit bodies are made from precision hardened nickel molybdenum steel, with a compound curve shape

trusted by customers around the world.

optimized head length with maximized steel support for the cemented carbide buttons, deep face grooves for excellent flushing and an aggressive cutting structure

Whatever conditions you’re dealing with Refinery Mining & Drilling Supplies DTH drill bits make the job easier


Mining Equipment

DTH Hammers

DTH Hammers are used for drilling holes through a range of rock types. DTH Hammers are suitable for a variety of drilling …

A down-the-hole drill, usually called DTH is mainly a pneumatic powered rock or ground drill, in which the percussive hammer…

Our reverse circulation drill rods and drill pipe consist of hardened 4140 alloy steel tool joints with heavy-duty seamless drill pipe and high …

Drilling Adaptors

Different types of drill bit adapters are available to enable the use of any specific type of drill bit to be used with any drill rod…

drill foam

Foam drilling is a method of drilling that uses a combination of a polymer foaming agent mixed with water and compressed air. 

Drill Grease

Our drill greases are intended for lubrication and protection of drill pipe threads. It is especially designed to meet the needs of the industry…

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